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Design/Build/Direction: Jennifer Morden

Photography: Kevin Bryan

Makeup: Jessica Panetta

Hair/Costumes: Andi Liga

Models: Leah Fay Goldstein, Sara Basso

Using my collections of vintage wallpaper as a starting point, a palette, and the background, the goal was to create a world in which I could direct models to live in the environment we created. From the background, I designed the entire space in which the photos take place. From the creation of the world, I invited the Photographer, Hair and Make Up artists and Costume Designer to bring their interpretations to the table and this is we created.

KEY WORDS: Post apocalyptic, empty, cold, dirty, broken, along

Our squatters underworld: The set should look and feel like the underbelly of an iceberg. The ground like the moon. Wallpaper torn and peeled. empty barrels covered in ice; an abandoned ripped up couch, remnants of trees, scraps of metal…everything scattered. Beneath the mound of ice will be a reflective surface, like a lake on a frozen day. Our model needs to feel lonely but comfortable and acquainted with her environment. She has rediscovered her determination, figured out a way to stay warm, and build a life for herself in this underworld. She is strong.