Copy of Wallpaper: A personal Project


Design/Build/Direction: Jennifer Morden

Photography: Kevin Bryan

Makeup: Jessica Panetta

Hair/Costumes: Andi Liga

Models: Leah Fay Goldstein, Sara Basso

Using My Collections Of Vintage Wallpaper As A Starting Point, A Palette, And The Background, The Goal Was To Create A World In Which I Could Direct Models To Live In The Environment We Created. From The Background, I Designed The Entire Space In Which The Photos Take Place. From The Creation Of The World, I Invited The Photographer, Hair And Make Up Artists And Costume Designer To Bring Their Interpretations To The Table And This Is We Created.

KEY WORDS: Widowed, Lost, Alone, Desolate, Sad, Lonely, Perished

Our overgrown house has captured its owner. The set is to be vibrant and alive with florals and texture. Colours should be muted, wallpaper peeling, and walls degraded. our character is not in the secret garden - she is perishing in her home while the land is being reclaimed by nature. she has acknowledged and is accepting of the new order of things